Saturday, June 19, 2010

Greetings and thanks for stopping by to check out our inaugural post.

GPS is a group of speculative fiction writers in the greater Portland, Maine area. They were drawn together by their interest in improving their writing. Now they are expanding to reach out to the writing and reading community at large. Over the next year they will be working on producing an ebook.

We welcome you to regularly check out our content and progress. Progress, that is, on our special project. We are embarking on an e-book venture with an expected pub date of summer 2011.

Why are we experimenting with such new-fangled and debated practices? The industry is changing and we don’t want to be left behind, or shackled by limiting ourselves to the old ways. We view e-publication as an alternative to printed books, not as something that will fully take over any time soon. E-publishing allows the writer to go straight to the reader and gives the author full creative control. It also costs a fraction of the amount to produce and doesn’t take up any room on your bookshelf or in warehouses. With all the new devices and e-readers emerging the world is transitioning to electronic format. So why not us too?

To not be left in the dust of the new book-industry paradigms we aim to start early and get some experience with the technologies that will bring e-books to the world.

As new and unpublished authors--hoping that that changes soon ;)--we are also experimenting with this low-cost, high-yield mode of self publication. We are the street performers of the internet. Creating an e-book and passing around the bucket (or pay-pal link) in hopes that those who see our work will wish to reward us.

Please check back soon for our weekly posts on our discoveries of the technological, legal or writerly sort, or at least maybe for a bit of a story.

We hope you will enjoy reading as our project develops.