Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis

ISBN (ebook): 978-1-936489-15-2
ISBN (paper): 978-1-936489-16-9

Change is inevitable. Everything that happens in your life alters you, forever, for better or worse. Whether the change occurs to one person or to a whole society, it eventually affects us all.

Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis contains six stories from the Greater Portland Scribists that explore changes, from the self-inflicted alterations of a glory seeker to a victim forced to learn how to live his life all over again.

You thought that was just a shadow?
You thought she just liked water?
You thought four degrees wasn't much of a difference?
You thought your dreams were safe?
Think again...

Scribings, Vol 3: Metamorphosis features the following stories:

Third-Person Hero by Jamie Alan Belanger
An arrogant youth has one last chance for fame. Will cheating bring the success she desires?

Last Defender by Shelli-Jo Pelletier
After centuries of forced servitude, the last living gargoyle must decide if he will still uphold his kind's sacred duty to protect.

Disruption by D.L. Harvey
After ingesting a toxin, Braven's life is disrupted. Will an accidental romance and a foreign planet get him back to where he was?

Otherkin by Steven Inman
Marcie saw life as sink or swim, but her new friend led her to depths she didn't imagine.

Four Degrees by Timothy Lynch
The straw that broke the planet's back.

'Rose in Dreams by Richard Veysey
A boy discovers great power in a realm beyond dreams... and is ensnared in a nightmare from which he may not wake.
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