Our Books


Every year since forming Greater Portland Scribists, we've released an ebook anthology called Scribings. The stories in Scribings are all speculative fiction, and range in genre from science fiction to urban fantasy to horror to high fantasy and more.

Scribings, Vol 1
(June 2011)

Scribings, Vol 2:
Lost Civilizations
(June 2012)

Scribings, Vol 3:
(June 2013)

Scribings, Vol 4:
(July 2014)

Scribings, Vol 5:
(July 2015)

Essential GPS:
A Scribings Special Edition
(Nov 2015)

The Scribings Omnibus
(Dec 2015)

Other Books

In addition to their contributions to Scribings, the members of GPS also write and publish their own novels, short stories, and emotobooks. View our other books page to see the full list.