Friday, June 17, 2011

Survey Winners and Results--Part 1

Results are in! Congratulations to the winners, you have been notified via email.

And now onto the Survey Results. We'll be releasing them in installments over the next few days.


It would seem that most of you are between 31 and 40:

Even split between brainiacs and the average Joe:


People still like to buy dead trees. They really are pretty aren't they? Nothing like showing off your fav books. The folks at Apple know this, as the presentation of your ebook collection is a book shelf. Perfect.

Most people are building their collection as they go. Makes sense. But I sure do love filling up my cyber shelves :)

Not many have replaced their books with ebooks. I wonder if it would have made a difference if you were able to upgrade the print to ebook? Most of my technical books were O'Reilly, and they have an excellent replacement plan. If you have the print, you can get the ebook for a huge discount.

Stay tuned for more results on Monday!