Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Survey results part 4

It's apparent by the results that word of mouth is a HUGE factor in deciding what books to buy. Having a good browsing experience to find new stuff becomes important in such cases, since once you find the book, you are likely to want to find similar stuff.

Favorite feature of the ereaders? Portability across the board. Having a library at your fingertips, handy for when you want to have a few books available while you are traveling, and don't want to carry around bulky books in your carry on.

In contrast, the least favorite features were the cost of the ebooks, the lack of a backlight on the Kindle, and not being able to take the iPad in the sun. Another problem mentioned was the fact that ebook readers are much easier to break than paperbacks.

It's interesting to see that once an ereader has been purchased, people tend to stick with its built-in book store. It is hard to get anything other then Kindle books on a Kindle, and it has such a huge selection it makes sense to buy from them. The iPad can swing both ways. Well, more than that. Every reading format is supported. With programs like Calibre, it makes it easier to buy any format, then convert to the format of your choice. I also like when a company's like Smashwords and O'Reilly offer the book in multiple formats. So you are free to grab the version of your choice.

So that about summarizes things up. Our thanks to the many that participated.